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Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Vietnam

Business opportunities



1. Industrial Holding Bulgaria is looking for distributors in Vietnam of the lathes, which ZMM Sliven JSC produces, and electric motors, pumps and hydro generators, which IHB Electric JSC produces.

Contact person:

Mrs. Daneta Jeleva - CEO of Industrial Holding Bulgaria

Tel.: +359888773191




2. "Drouzhba" JSC is a public company located in the town of Razgrad. The company is a leading European manufacturer of pistons, piston rings, piston pins for internal combustion engines. The company's products are used for direct building in or as spare parts for cars and trucks, compressors etc.

Drouzhba wants to establish long-term cooperation with distributors in Vietnam.

Contact person:

Stefan Valchev - Commercial Director

Tel.: +359 84 660687

Fax: +359 84 660424

Cell phone: +359 884 606047




3. VSK Kenvatar - IZ Dynamics Ltd., Dryanovo,  produces precision machine tools and tooling for CNC machines.

The company is looking for importers of its production in Vietnam and in the other countries in Southeast Asia.

Contact person:

Katya Sultanova - "Sales"

Tel.: +359 676 72425

Fax: +359 676 72356, +359 676 74389




4. "DUK-1" Ltd. manufactures and installs security shutters and roller doors, automatic garage and industrial doors, gates and barriers, fireproof doors and smoke partitions, interior doors, blinds, window frames from PVC, aluminum and wood, constructions of metal, aluminum, PVC, glass and polycarbonate.

The company seeks to establish contact with potential distributors in Vietnam.

Contact person:

Prof. Boryana Kircheva - foreign director

Tel.: + 359 32 9682 60

Fax: + 359 32 9682 50

Cell phone: + 359 899 974 967

E-mail: b.kircheva @




5. "BPC NIKSI" JSC  is a manufacturer of baby foods on its own recipe and technology. The company is looking for a partner in Vietnam, in order to implement a project to build a factory in Vietnam for canning for children - baby purees, baby juices and nectars, bio-foods for infants and children, baby teas.

Contact person:

Nikolai Zehirev - CEO

Tel.: +359 2 952 2863

Fax: +359 2 952 6449

Mobile: +359888253320, +359 899 149500



ONLINE shop: 

Skype: bpcniksi


6. M+S Hydraulic JSC is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic motors, hydrostatic steering units and accessories, hydraulic brakes, motor-brakes and valves.

The company wants to establish long-term cooperation with OEM customers and trading partners.

M+S Hydraulic seeks to contact with potential distributors in Vietnam.

Contact person: D. Hitrov – Expert Business Development

68, Kozloduy St., 6100 Kazanlak,  Bulgaria

Tel.: + 359 431 65167,  + 359 431 64271

Fax: + 359 431 64114




7. Prestige-96 AD is one of the biggest food producing companies in Bulgaria and a market leader in all the categories in which we operate - biscuits, wafers and mini cakes with a total market share of 23% in value based on the data provided by AC Nielsen.

The company pursues an active investment policy to build its strong brands and to develop innovations. Prestige has a new modern world class production plant, for which in 2012 we won the award “Investor of the Year” and “Building of the Year”. Just a year ago Prestige bought in 2017 a new factory in Bulgaria to further expand our production capacity. Prestige-96 AD develops its products in  own research and development (R&D) laboratory, collaborate with international experts and technologists and work with the best raw materials from leading producers all around the world. The company is proud to share that it has own advanced research R&D department, own microbiology and physico-chemical laboratory with which it can guarantee the high-quality of its products. Furthermore Prestige is holder of International Food Standard (IFS), Halal certificates and all products are produced according to their high standards.

With more than 600 employees the company is acknowledged as one of the most preferred employers in Bulgaria and “The Best Employer for 2016” - award given from the Ministry of labor and social policy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Contact person:

Mr. Atanas Temelkov - Regional Sales Development Export Manager


6, Dalga Laka Str, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Mobile phone:  +359 892 217 927       

Phone:   + 359 2 819 01 62



8. AGROBULROS COMPANY is dealing with plant protection sought contacts with companies in Vietnam. They are looking for distributing agrochemicals, and tenants.

Contact person:          

Ms. Mirena Polihronova

Tel: +359 895 674 779



9. ZMM SLIVEN AD was incorporated in 1971. The company produces universal lathes with maximum processed diameter of the processed item between 300 mm and 1,600 mm and distance between the centers between 750 mm and 6,000 mm, CNC lathes, column drilling machines.

Contact person:

Mr. Georgi Dobrev - Executive director

16, Bansko shosse Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 (0) 44 662 108; Fax: +359 (0) 44 662 563




10. ZMM NOVA ZAGORA JSC has extensive experience in the production of parts and units for machine tools-axes, shafts, gear wheels, chain gear wheels, tooth-belt pulleys and other rotation parts. Its products list also includes complete units according to customers’ specifications, as well as their own products with application in the woodworking industry, agriculture and machine building.

The company would like to make contact with distributors in Vietnam.

Address:  Industrial zone, Nova Zagora 8900, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 457 630 56 / (359) 457 620 48

Fax: +359 457 643 11




11. IHB ELECTRIC JSC is the biggest manufacturer of rotating electrical machines in Bulgaria. Our products is about three-phrase asynchronous electric motors with squirrel cage rotor.

The company is looking for Vietnamese distributors or importers.

Address: 41 Rozhen Blvd., 1271 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 936 07 53 / 936 03 67

Fax: +359 2 936 03 47




12. LEIARMACH-SOFIA JSC  is specialize in the production of castings of high quality of gray cast iron, with a single weight from 50 up to 5000 kg, with high degree of complexity. We produce a large variety of castings which constitute the full range of components for machine tools like bodies, bed slides, columns, tailstocks, foundations, boxes etc.

The company is looking for distributors or importers in Vietnam.

Address:  8 ilijansko Chausee Str., Sofia 1220, Bulgaria

Tel: (359) 2 836 44 02

Fax: (359) 2 938 48 51




13. PRISTA COMMERCE LTD  has been recognized as one of the most reliable and trustworthy organizations in the quickly developing business of sunflower processing. Specialized in the production of hulled sunflower,  the maximum production capacity can be set to meet demands of 9000 tons per year. In order to remain one of the most competitive and innovative companies for dehuling sunflower currently the company is discussing the possibility of starting pasteurizing sunflower and implementing vacuum packs.

PRISTA COMMERCE LTD. wants to establish long-term cooperation with distributors in Vietnam.

Contact person:          

Mr. Georgi Uzunov

Address: 80 Rodina Boulevard

        7000 Rousse, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 8 97976737

Fax: +359 82 591431




14. ORGTECHNICA JSC  is a manufacturer of cash registers. Our products are electronic devices with fiscal memory, electronic scales, cash drawer, etc. The company’s target is exporting its products to Vietnam.  

ORGTECHNICA JSC wish to create contacts with business partners and distributors in Vietnam.

Contact person:          

Mr. Roumen Raytchev

Add:     7500 Silistra, 31 P. Boyadjiev Str., Bulgaria

Tel: +359 9888 207 769




15. Valentin Yankov-a person, who is searching for contacts with machine building companies. My aim is with my personal constructive and technological documentation for them to build and sell with determined by them prices on the local market and to export their personal brand of product-series of hydraulic destroyers used in mobile building machines.  

Phone: +359 889 52 64 51 


16. LUMBRECO is an universal organic fertilizer that is an extract of compost, produced by red California worms. On the basis of the specific way of its obtaining, it excels with high contents of fulvo- and humino acids, as well as micro- and macro elements and growth stimulators. Their high contents activate the processes of metabolism that increases to 30 % the chlorophyll in the leaves and in this way the crops in an area unit. It provides the economical use of the available humidity and gives an opportunity to the plants to overcome the physiological disturbances as a result of the action of unsuitable factors – drying up, hail and cold weather.


Manufacturer: Medi-Tur Ltd.

Production base: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 887 259 787

       + 359 888 991 625




17. DAISY TECHNOLOGY Ltd. is a Bulgarian company specialized in developing, producing and distribution of electronic products and software with more than 25 years of experience on the market. Furthermore, Daisy Technology Ltd. is the biggest producer and integrator of complete retail equipment solutions comprising of latest generation electronic cash registers, fiscal and POS printers, POS equipment, electronic retail sales in South Eastern Europe. The company would like to start offering their cash registers, fiscal printers and energy meters in Vietnam in Hardware productions. 

Contact person:

Miroslav Ginov - Business Development Manager

Add: 15-17 Tintyava Str., Izgrev, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 2 960 71 32

Mob: +359 898 64 58 16




18. The BULGARIAN-VIETNAMESE BRIDGE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION was established with the aim of developing bilateral relations between Vietnam and Bulgaria. They work for the preservation and development of the cordial relations; preparation of proposals for changes in the legislation, regulation procedures and conclusion of international agreements; assistance for enterprises in Bulgaria and Bulgarian enterprises in Vietnam; motivating Vietnamese and Bulgarian. Assistance and creation of conditions for increasing investment in Vietnamese economy, in order to stimulate trade and investment between the two countries. They are looking for to partners from Vietnamese side in all areas: economic, cultural, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturers of drugs and food supplements with European quality to the Vietnamese market etc.

Contact person:

Alexander Radoslavov Todorov - Chairman

Add: Town of Varna, “Grivitsa” str., No. 9, entr. A, floor 5, ap. 9

Tel: 0887 466 662

E-mail: а


19. The meat and agricultural trading company EUROWEG AG based in Switzerland with an office in Bulgaria, which gives the possibility for a quick and profitable development. The company is family owned business with 30 years of experience in the field.

Their partners are some of the biggest meat processing factories in the world. They are certain of the best quality of the products that we offer to our customers. To guarantee the quality control and sanitization and quality of the raw material they have partners that monitor the process in the slaughterhouses and packaging areas. Their strengths are understanding of the industry, competitive prices and timely delivery.

Contact person:

Mrs. Galina Raicheva

Tel: +359 899 62 12 19




20.  "SYNERGY GROUP" Ltd. specializes in advising on mergers and acquisitions of companies, management companies and corporate finance. The company is looking for Vietnamese investors who are willing to buy companies in Bulgaria.

Contact person:

Mr. Kaloyan Kirilov – Managing Partner

Tel: +359 2 980 83 54

Fax: +359 2 981 70 33




21. Teletek Electronics Jsc. is the largest Bulgarian producer of security equipment (intruder and fire alarm systems). The company’s products are distributed in over 65 countries worldwide.  The company has its own development and manufacture activities and constantly expands its product range for the past 24 years, competing some of the major brands in the industry.

The company seeks to establish contact with distributors in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Contact person:

Mr. Vasil Ivanov – Regional Sales Manager

Tel: +359 2 969 4700/746

Fax: +359 2 962 5213




22.  NORDIX is a Bulgarian producer of high and low spirits and wines. The company is one of the first private companies-producers of alcoholic beverages in Bulgaria. Its products are of high quality and at competitive prices. Produces drinks such as whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, brandy, Sambuca, amaretto, limoncello, liqueurs, red and white wine and low-alcohol drinks such as whiskey with Coca-Cola, vodka with Coca-Cola, rum and Coca-Cola, gin and tonic and others. The company is looking for importers of spirits and wines in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Contact person:

Mr. Georgi Botusharov

Tel: +359 887 880 399




23. The product range of DJODI TRADE Ltd. is focused on development and infrastructure. The main product ranges are barriers - city, police, fences and others that are focused on infrastructure and urban environment, conducting events. Another major range of products manufactured by them are restraint systems when working on construction sites and facade scaffolding. These products are of the temporary facilities. The company is searching for a partner - distributor in Vietnam.

Mrs. Evelina Dimitrova – General Director

Tel: + 359 2 489 03 09

Fax: +359 2 962 47 20

Mobile: +359 886 302 411




24. “SkimProt” Ltd. produces and distributes the protective sticker SkimProt, designed for the widespread chip-enabled bank cards.

The sticker protects debit and credit cards from information theft and fraud.

SkimProt is attached to the magnetic stripe of the card and hides the information it contains.

Contact person:

Mrs. Emilia Kaneva

16 Abagar str., Gorublyane

1138 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 9307899




25. “StivaSoft” Ltd. is a Bulgarian company with extensive experience in developing web based software, websites for a number of niche markets and other online business solutions. The company stays behind the successful brands PHPJabbers, StivaWeb, Geeky Corner and Brolmo. More than 30,000 customers throughout the world use StivaSoft services - both individual users (web designers, webmasters, end clients) and companies of various sizes and industries. The company team is based in three offices on two continents - Burgas, Varna and Ho Chi Minh City, and is constantly growing. 

The company is looking for potential business partners and associates in Vietnam.

Contact person: 

Mr. Veselin Stoilov

Mobile phone: +359898415888





26. Chateau Burgozone is a family-run boutique winery located on the steep slope of the Danube River, near the town of Oryahovo in Bulgaria, 180 km North of the capital Sofia. The winery is named after the ancient Roman fortress "Burgozone", which was situated within the territory of today's vineyard. Chateau Burgozone winery is surrounded by 100 hectares of own vines with unique conditions for growing high-quality grapes used to produce its elegant terroir wines. To respect the characteristics of its limestone terroir, strict canopy management is applied and the yield is limited max to 40 hl/ha.

The wines of Chateau Burgozone are regularly awarded with prizes from most famous international competitions, such as Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Mundus Vini, Decanter and the highest scores for Bulgarian wine by Wine Enthusiast. The main varieties grown in the vineyards are: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Marselan, Merlot and Egiodola.

Chateau Burgozone is looking for importers and distributers of wine for long-term collaboration.

Contact person:

Nina Kuneva – Export Manager

Tel./fax: +359 2856 8172

Mobile: +359 885 145068



27. Walltopia is a Bulgarian company, which is the leader in the market for climbing walls. The company has existed for 17 years. Walltopia sells in more than 50 countries through a network of agents, as well as our own offices. Besides climbing walls, the company has a line of amusement products: interactive walls for kids, ropes courses, artificial caves, and their newest product: the Rollglider. In addition, Adventure Facility Concepts and Management, a daughter company of Walltopia, specializes in operating and consulting sports and amusement facilities, as well as franchising a family entertainment center brand. At this moment, they have three franchises opened in Canada, the USA and Israel.

The company is looking for contacts with clients and potential partners in Vietnam and the other countries in Southeast Asia in the following segments:

- Climbing business

- Amusement business: more specifically, shopping malls, amusement and waterparks, beach resorts, family entertainment centers, hotels, nature parks, operators and consultants of amusement facilities etc.

- Franchise business: potential franchise partners.

Contact person:

Boryana Levterova - Assistant to the CEO

Tel: +359 884 240 869;

Fax: +359 2 448 57 49
Skype: boryana.levterova_walltopia


28. Metal Technology Group JSC incorporates Bulgarian companies in the metal processing industry specialized in:

- Low pressure and gas counter pressure aluminum die casting

- Mould sand casting of grey and ductile cast iron

- Centrifugal casting of steel and cast iron

Metal Technology Group JSC is looking for cooperation with companies, working in the following industries and using castings in their production:

- Railway companies – train manufacturers, manufacturer of breaking systems for trains, engineering companies for railway infrastructure

- Water supply and Sewage industry - producers of valves, fittings, hydrants

- Shipbuilding companies – companies dealing with/ selling spare parts for ship diesel engines and/ or power plants (cylinder liners for diesel engines or generators)  

- Companies operating in the energy industry and maintaining the electrical grid

- Industrial Vehicles – producers of excavators, harvesters, agriculture machinery in general

- Engineering companies working in the field of maintenance and repairs ofchemical, petrochemical, power plants

Contact person:

Mrs. Maria Georgieva – Business Development Manager

Tel: +359 2 818 5959

Fax: +359 2 818 5949




29. MV YANTRA JSC has more than 100 years of traditions in machine building, proactive research work and development of patents. The company offers the most innovative products on the market, as follows: 

-         rope electric hoists lifting power from 500 to 32000 kg;

-         double-track crane jacks lifts;

-         front girders;

-         hydraulic trucks;

-         equipment for the textile industry.

MV YANTRA JSC is looking for customers and distributors in Vietnam.

Contact person:

Donika Koleva - Sales Representative 

Address: 10 Neofit Rilski Str., 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria 
Tel.: +359 885 003 014
Fax: +359 66 801 809


30. Credo-Capital Production Ltd. is a dynamically developing company. It operates in the field of manufacturing and positioning of cosmetics and hygienic products, namely feminine sanitary pads and pantyliners, tampons, cotton buds and cotton pads, baby wet wipes, hair dye, cosmeceuticals for men.

The company is represented in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and is constantly expanding.


Contact  person:

Mrs. Albena Ivanova – Sales Manager

Phone: +359 32 620516

Cell:   +359 884 284220





59, Bogomil Str.

4000, Plovdiv



31. MKB Ltd. is the first Bulgarian producer of croissants. In 2017 the company marks 25 years from the presentation of its products on the Bulgarian market.
The brand "22 Carats" was established and registered for the production of products of puff pastry.

Over the past 25 years the company have specialized mainly in producing croissants with fillings that were introduced and imposed permanently on the Bulgarian market. "22 Carats" became synonymous of product with stable quality and reasonable price. This niche company successfully defended ever since the Bulgarian consumer. Despite the economic turmoil brand is widely known in Romania, Hungary Moldova, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, England, Middle East and many other countries. 

On 06/20/2016, the "MKB" Ltd. signed a grant by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020. The project aims to improve production capacity and increase export volume by purchasing new production equipment.
By September 2017 the new production line will be put into operation. 

Contact person:
Ivelina Iosifova

49, Kuklensko Shose Rd
4004, Plovdiv

Tel.: +359 32 628 813
Fax: +359 32 628 703
Mobile: +359 899 856426


32. Sni-Commerce is a private company for import, export and transport. The company was established in 1992.Ever since it’s main goal is to satisfy the customers’ requirements concerning the quality of the services. Sni-Commerce is specialized generally in production and export ofagricultural and industrial goods of Bulgarian origin. The company owns also different transportation facilities, which are used for conveyance on the territory of Bulgaria and outside the country. Sni-Commerce also owns a complex of storage rooms and warehouses, which are equipped with all necessary specialized machines.

The company exports to during the last thirteen years and  maintains active business relations with partners from Austria, Germany,  Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, China, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Italy, Indonesia, Macedonia, Poland, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Japan.

Sni-Commerce exports cereals- bread and fodder wheat,  brewing and fodder burley, corn, millet etc.; Oil  seeds - black and striped sunflower seeds and kernels, Safflower seeds , Rapeseeds, Coriander seeds etc; Fodder Seeds; Ethereal oil seeds; Dry Powder Milk; Refined Sunflower Oil; Wheat Flour; Chicken Feet; Chicken Paw and Chicken Tighs, Sunflower seeds meal, Canary seeds e.t.c.…

Contact person:





Mladost 3, bl. 354, entr. 3,

Sofia, Bulgaria 1712

Tel/fax: +359 2 9743581,

              +359 2 9743127


33. International Centres for Special Training in Protection and Security Alfa-Metal Ltd. is a licensed  training provider to conduct different types of security specialised courses. Some of our courses are: close protection, SIA Close protection level 3, close protection  in low risk and in high risk areas , tactical shooting courses ,maritime security ,physical protection, bank protection and inacaso, tactical medicine. We have our own outdoor tactical shooting range and polygon, we also have our own Sport Shooting club and weaponry. We are working with international instructors, which are ex officers from Special forces, with big experience in the field of their work.

Contact person:

Tsvetina Tsocheva /Manager/
Tel: +359 879 94 33 88


34. Our company "KO NIK" Ltd. was established in 1995. Since 1997 started with activities in the field of petroleum and chemical products. The KONTEX brand, owned by our company, develops in the following areas: antifreeze production, automotive glass fluids, batteries, distilled water, grease and hand mash. Over the last 20 years, our highly-qualified employees have gained rich experience and abilities to meet the needs of every customer. We hope to contact established Vietnamese distributors and partnerships to develop the KONTEX brand products on the Vietnamese market.


Contact person: Plamen Angelov

Merchandise Sales


Office: +359 700 10 244

Mobile: +359 896 144607

Mobile: +359 888 638020



35. TED BED is a part of TED Capital Holding, which includes 10 companies operating in various business areas – production of mattresses and beds, spring units, machine building, ceramic center, cargo transport, construction business, brand shop chain, media company – with TED BED being the largest in the holding.

TED BED is a leading European manufacturer of mattresses, beds, bases and bedroom accessories with over 20 years of experience and a number of achievements as well as registered innovations in the field. TЕD factory is one of the largest in Europe, expanding on 29 000 square meters equipped with the latest technology in the mattress production, with annual production capacity of 1 600 000 articles and warehouse capacity of 20,000 articles. Masias, Mammut, Eaton, Lamit are among the brands of the machine equipment park. The company is registered according to ISO9001:2000 and BSCI, with OEKOTEX certification for mattresses and LGA certificate from German laboratory for the most popular models. The company has a number of registered trademarks and patents.

TED BED is a market leader in Bulgaria and offers diversified portfolio of high-quality products in more than 30 countries around the world – Germany, Holland, Spain, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Greece, India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Maldives etc. The comapny has long and well-established traditions in partnering with the hotel business. Тhanks to a specially developed Hotel Collection in different categories, TED has furnished some world best-known chains.

With more than 30 brand stores and 1000 partner stores TED is a proven market leader in Bulgaria, but at the same time remains close to the people and their needs. TED mission is to ensure better quality of life by improving the comfort in the most personal space in the house.

Contact person:

Dora Andreeva - Strategic Marketing Director

Goliamokonarsko Chaussee
4027 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 32 27 17 62
Fax: +359 32 27 17 36
Mobile: +359 884 184 664


36. Machinehead Ltd. has a specialized portfolio of machinery where main products are: Mattress and pillow Packing, Roll-packing machines, facility automatization lines /own production/, filling machines for mattresses, spring straightening and bending machines, all types of sewing machinery esp. Quilting machines, Tape edge machines etc. /Yuantian company representative/, Pocket spring equipment /LianRou company representative/. 

The company exports to countries all over the world: India, Peru, Brazil, UK, Lituania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, providing excellent after-sale service. It has also been supportive to many middle and small companies according to their specific needs.

Contact person:

Mrs. Diana Tupcheva – Trade department

4000 Plovdiv

222А Shesti septemvri Blvd.

Tel./Fax: +359 32 62 39 43:  
Mobile: +359 884 871 378



37. Parfen is a brand of one of the leading perfume factories in Bulgaria with traditions in production of analogue perfumes since 1996. For more than 20 years we successfully manage to manufacture high quality perfumes at affordable prices.

  •         Factory - TBA 3000 sq.m., near Sofia
  •         Capacity - 100 000 liters in more than 2 million packages
  •         People - 50 high qualified employee, 1 professional perfumer
  •         Portfolio - over 350 aromas inspired by worldwide well-known designers
  •         Row materials made in France
  •         GMP certificated factory
  •         Experience in production of PL


Contact person: Mr. Peter Milanov

Verila Industrial zone 2129, Sofia, Bulgaria

Telephone: +359 989 18 00, Mobile: +359 894 04 04 05



38. KAM-04 Ltd. is one of the most distinguished and leading importers and distributors of fastening and fixing systems in Bulgaria. We offer a wide range of products, manufactured by world-famous suppliers with proven capacity from Europe and Asia, all certified under the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. The products in our portfolio are in compliance with the DIN, ISO and BDS standards: screws, bolts, nuts, threaded rods, plugs, anchors, washers, blind rivets, drills, tools, brackets and more.

We are looking for long-term and trustful partnerships on supply of new articles to enrich our portfolio.

Please, send your proposals to mail: or fax No. 00359 32 968545.

40. "COHO FARM" Ltd. grows Pacific silver salmon (Coho salmon). The company has built Europe's first recirculating Coho salmon. It offers year-round fresh fish that feeds on natural fish food without antibiotics and hormones.

The company is looking for partners in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Contact person:

Mr. Valeri Milovanov - Manager

"Koho farm" Ltd.

Sofia 1606, Bulgaria

Ul. "Tundja" 12A, offices 401-407

Tel .: +359 889838083



41. Bononia Estate is a boutique winery, producer of high-quality Bulgarian wine. Located in North West part of Bulgaria, on the shore of the Danube River, the winery has focused on the typical for this terroir white wines and rosé, as well as on the delicate red wines.

The main grape varieties that Bononia Estate grows are: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and the unique Gamza – a grape variety grown only in this region.

Bononia Estate vineyards extend up to 1500 acres, located near the town of Vidin. The story behind this ambitious Bulgarian winery inherits and unites 3 centuries of tradition, as the original building was established in 1895 as one of the first breweries in Bulgaria, and was subsequently preserved, restored and turned into a winery.

There are 4 brands in the Bononia Estate portfolio: GOMOTARTZI, ISTAR, OOH LA LA and BONONIA ESTATE and most of the wines are winners in specialized competitions and international exhibitions.

In the summer of 2020, Bononia Estate plans to open a beautiful wine complex, built just 11 meters from the Danube River with modern manufacturing premises, a boutique hotel, a restaurant, several tasting rooms, a conference room, a swimming pool and SPA.

With its investments in own vineyards, modern technical equipment and wine complex, Bononia Estate fully closes the production cycle, ensuring long term control, high quality, flexibility and reliability to its clients and partners.

The ambition of Bononia Estate is not only to establish one of the best wineries in Eastern Europe, but also to strengthen the position of Bulgarian wine worldwide.

Bononia Estate is looking for importers and wine distributors in Vietnam to establish long-term cooperation and partnership.

Contact person:

1303 Sofia, Bulgaria,

84‘Al. Stamboliiski” blvd, fl. 11

Ms. Daniela Radeva – International Sales & Marketing

Mobile: +359 885 741 414



42. Florgarden Ltd. is a dynamically developing, market-oriented company, one of the leading perfume manufacturers in Bulgaria with a tradition in the production of unique fragrances since 1996.

It has its own factory, equipped with modern high-tech production lines and works with the most famous suppliers of fragrances in the world. The capacity is 100,000 liters in more than 2 million packages of perfumes, distributed in different product lines, volumes and a wide variety of more than 400 fragrances.

In order to mitigate the negative effects of Covid-19 on the company's activities and prevent job cuts, we were able to relatively quickly convert part of the production of perfumes into the production of sanitizers. The company currently produces Ultra clean sanitizer (cleansing hand gel) – Category Biocide with Permissions of Ministry of Health № 2725-1/23.04.2020 and № 2757-1/14.05.2020  in various packages at competitive prices.

The company is looking for potentialdistributorsin Vietnam and Southeast Asia.



+359 885 908 174   


43. “Viki Trade” 2008” Ltd. is a newly created company registered in Varna, Bulgaria. We are a manufacturer of cold pressed oils made from seed and nuts. We have prepared a brief presentation of our product catalogue in connection with the company`s strategy to establish long-term partnerships. Our oils are natural ones and they are without “Vitamin E” supplement. This is an assortment, which we work with in Bulgaria. The products, we can offer, include all kind of pressed oil seed and nuts such as apricot, walnut, almond, hazelnut, grape seed, water-melon seeds, mustard, rape (Brassica napes), rapeseed, etc.

Our partners could be:

-Distributors of food products

-Manufacturers of cosmetics such as shampoos, soap, creams that consist of our base oils.

- Manufacturers of canned fish that have a product range of vegetable oil.

- Manufacturers of paints, varnishes and chemicals.

- Distributors of food supplements.

- Distributors of natural products.

Contact person:

“Viki Trade” 2008” Ltd.

Mrs. Lyuba Nikolova

Mobile: +359 896768070



44. ltralux® is a registered trademark of Boriana Ltd., which was founded to meet the ever-growing worldwide demand for energy-saving. Ultralux® encompasses a wide range of lighting products with more than 850 items in different categories, intended for use at homes, offices, shopping centers, hotels, administrative buildings, etc. The company also offers lighting for the industrial needs, as well as street and park lighting. Since 2010, following the latest trends in the development of the LED technology on a global scale, the team of the company has focused on beginning a production and delivery of LED products with maximum efficiency and energy-saving, made with long-lasting and high-quality components in accordance with all the EU standards.

Contact person:

1113 Sofia
31B Dragan Tzankov blvd.
Mr. Evgeniy Peev - President
Mobile: +359887666448


45.„Euro Engineering – Hristomir Nikolaev“ Ltd.  is one of the leaders in design and construction of grounding and lightning protection systems in Bulgaria.

The company is a famous one with its traditions in using contemporary methods and techniques for grounding and lightning protection systems of buildings and open spaces.

“Euro Engineering – Hristomir Nikolaev” Ltd. has 25 years of experience in assessment design delivery, construction and maintenance of lightning protection systems, grounding protection systems and surge protection.

The company controls the power lines conditions and electrical systems of large construction sites in different regions of the country.

“Euro Engineering – Hristomir Nikolaev” Ltd. Is looking for partners in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Contact person:

Ms. Elena Nikolova – department “International marketing"

Tel.: +359 884708311



46. Arian Company has focused mainly on exports of lavender oil, rose oil, rose water and other basic products. All of them, before being exported, go through the necessary control for high quality and agreed quantity.

The products, which the company offers, are following:

       1. Conventional lavender oil;

       2. Organic lavender oil;

       3. Lavender water;

       4. Rose oil;

       5. Rose water.

Arian Company is looking for partners in Vietnam.


Contact person:

Mr. Stoyan Petrov - CEO

Arian Company

Bulgaria, Sofia 1000
6, Gurko Str., P.O. Box 358

Tel. : +359 2868 40 86

Mob.: +359 888 68 89 86