Commercial and economic office, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Vietnam

Republic of Bulgaria

Coat of arms

Location of Bulgaria (green)
– in Europe (light-green & grey)
– in the European Union (light-green)

110 994 km²  (102nd)

Capital: Sofia
Largest city: Sofia
Official languages: Bulgarian
Population (2011)

7 364 570 (96th)


66 /km² (132nd)

President: Rosen Plevneliev
Prime Minister: Plamen Oresharski
Chairman of the National Assembly: Michail Mikov
National Day:

3 March


$ 53.514  billion (72nd)

GDP per capita: $ 7 202
Currency: Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Time zone: UTC+2
Internet TLD: .bg
Calling code: +359