Commercial and economic office, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria in Vietnam

Investment environment in Bulgaria

Competitive advantages of Bulgaria

  • Economic and political stability;
  • Financial stability - Currency Board until entry into the Eurozone;
  • Membership in NATO and EU;
  • Strategic geographic location;
  • Liberalized access to markets with more than 560 million consumers;
  • The lowest corporate tax in the EU: 10%;
  • Zero percent capital gains tax for investments in 152 municipalities with high unemployment (out of 264 municipalities);
  • Increased depreciation rates (50%) for investment in new machinery, industrial equipment and appliances, computers, peripheral devices and software;
  • Use of tax credit under the special procedure for charging VAT on imports for the implementation of investment projects over BGN 10 million;
  • 5% withholding tax on dividends;
  • 10% "flat tax" on personal income;
  • 1 procedure, 1 charge up to 2 days to register a company in the electronic commercial register of the Registry Agency;
  • Continuing improvement of the administrative environment - removed or alleviated are 83% of all regimes proposed for mitigation; Removal of the unnecessary, mitigation and transfer of some regulatory regimes of the NGO sector;
  • The lowest operational costs in the EU;
  • Incentives for promotion of investment under the Investment Promotion Act.