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Investment project 3
8 Юни 2021, Вторник
Location: Brezovo town Project summary: Suitable for digital and software companies, on 2.88 decares and / or 10,258 decares, provides employment for 200 young specialists. Finished construction, staff rooms, offices, logistics base. The development of software solutions for a wide range of applicable activities has been developing successfully in recent years, drone technology, computer games, programs for the military and civilian industry, digital development of municipalities in Bulgaria. The technology is also applicable in organic farming. A separate object of development will be the development of talented children through brainstorming, virtual conferences, hecatons. A partnership will be established with TechPark Sofia and relevant NGOs and organizations. The offer is for two plots, with an area of 2,883 decares and with an area of 10, 258 decares together with a building of 4668 sq.m. in Brezovo.