Служба по търговско-икономическите въпроси в град Хошимин

Посолство на Република България във Виетнам

Investment project 2
8 Юни 2021, Вторник
Location: Choba village Project summary: Suitable for start-ups, the complex of three plots, together with the airport of the village of Choba, provides an opportunity to expand the production of hardware and software for mini drones. The large areas can be used for warehouses, main and additional workshops, staff rooms, offices, logistics base. The technology of drones - UAVs, has its latest history in the last 10 years and is developing very fast. Turkey, Israel and the United States are currently the largest manufacturers of drones. The complex allows accelerated start of production of various models of drones, along with the possibility of testing by experts. Opportunity for a quick logistical approach from the "Trakia“ highway, which is 12 km. away from the village. The proposal is for three plots, with a total area of 45 decares, the airport has an area of 232 decares.